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Dear Harvard Alumni,


In 2022, the Harvard Club of Argentina will mark its 50th anniversary! From the early days, the Club has strived to provide a forum for alumni to meet, engage in thought-provoking conversations, and find ways to give broader access to a Harvard education to future generations of students from Argentina.


In looking back, there is no question that the original goals laid out in 1972 are being fulfilled.  The Club is proud of its history of lunch and breakfast meetings (now virtual conferences during COVID times) where alumni have the privilege to connect, and enjoy presentations by leaders across a wide range of fields.  The “Harvard at Your Reach” initiative, through which members of the Club share their personal stories to high school and university students in Argentina and to showcase how they could apply to Harvard, is also an enormous source of pride for the Club. 


Still, probably our greatest achievement has been the “Honor Loan” program, through which the Club has supported countless newly admitted Harvard students from Argentina with financial aid to help fund their tuition and/or living expenses. Many alumni know that without these two initiatives they would probably not be Harvard graduates today.


In addition, the Club has originated and led many other impactful initiatives, including the “Education Prize”, community outreach efforts, art and cultural events, and social networking gatherings. 


There is no doubt that all these efforts, made possible by the unwavering support of Club members, are guided not only by a strong sense of belonging to a unique institution that strives to develop alumni committed to “the pursuit of truth, knowledge, and a better world”, but also by a deep recognition of the extraordinary good fortune we have had to attend Harvard and the obligation to give back to our country, our community, and our university.


Our challenge for the next 50 years is to expand on these goals and to build on these achievements by developing an even stronger community, in which deep long-lasting bonds are created, and to provide even more access to a Harvard education to Argentina’s future leaders. Towards that end, I, along with our extraordinary Board of Directors, extend a warm invitation to all alumni to join us or to expand your continued support of the Harvard Club of Argentina.  Your involvement is crucial for making this a reality.  


To the next 50 years of continued success!


Ramiro Lopez Larroy

HBS MBA 1999