Del Presidente...

 Alan Arntsen (LLM 1983) & Ramiro Lopez Larroy (MBA 1999)

Dear Alumni

It is with great pleasure that we are reaching out to you in order to invite you to continue taking part of our ever youthful 48 year institution.

We welcome this year´s powerful board made up of the following members and schools: Ramiro Lopez Larroy (MBA 1999); María Lourdes Vazquez (LLM 1989); Marcelo Dumanjó (AMP 2003); Adriana Batan de Rocca (LL.M 1996); Jorge Depetris (MPA 2000); Mercedes Rodriguez Giavarini (LLM 2004); Martin Gonzalez (MPA 2009); Eduardo Iglesias (CSS 1994); Pablo Macadam (MBA 199); Juan Pablo Trujillo (MPA 1996); Maximiliano Von Kesselstatt (GMP 2016); Juan Van Peborgh (MPA 190); Yanina Budkin (MPA 2007); Alexandra de Royere (MBA 1992); Tomás Lynch (PMD 2000); Miguel Maxwell (as audit) and myself – team work at its best!

We expect to continue the road map set out by our predecessors and carry on with that sense of belonging generated by our different local activities such as breakfast and lunch meetings, visits and chapter meetings. Our aim is to keep on fostering the networking of our local alumni and increase the presence of the different schools so as to give rise to a diversified and enriching community.   

Hopefully we should also maintain the flow and exchange we have with Harvard University´s varied institutions which cover the region. We shall also be reviewing the education prize and keep alive the grants system, both of which were set in motion many years ago.

Once again, we call upon all alumni to not only join us in our events if not also approach any member of the board with any suggestions and thoughts you may have. The Harvard Club of Argentina rests on the resolute and decisive involvement of its members.

On behalf of our all our board members, welcome to the Harvard Club de Argentina 2020-2021!

Alan Arntsen, Chair.