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Dear Harvard Alumni,


It was a true pleasure to celebrate the year with you last week at Museo Fortabat and toast to our community’s achievements. Following the 50th Anniversary commemoration of our Club, 2023 is indeed a year to remember.


Without doubt the crowning achievement was the establishment of the Harvard Club of Argentina Fellowship Fund. The endowment made possible thanks to the generous gifts and support of our Alumni community— will allow the University to provide grants on a needs basis to graduate students from Argentina starting in the 2024-2025 academic year.


The past year has been important in many other ways as well. We continued to provide financial assistance through our club’s Honor Loan Program to students admitted to Harvard’s Graduate Schools. With sixteen loans outstanding, the Alberto Noguera Honor Loan Fund is currently used to its full extent.


The Harvard At Your Reach initiative was refreshed through the involvement of recent graduates who accompanied us in presenting at universities about applying to Harvard graduate schools. We hosted an Admissions & Financial Aid information session for High School Directors and students with Arly Macario, Admissions Officer at Harvard College, and informative events on College-level applications jointly with Education USA and the US Embassy.


Highlights of our year also included the first edition of the Harvard Book Prize for secondary students, the renewal of our Alumni Forums for peer to peer development, and community activities in collaboration with NGOs.


Of course, we continued with our renowned luncheons and virtual meetings with keynote speakers, as well broad-ranging cultural events such as our visits to Colección Costantini and the Jewish Museum of Buenos Aires.


These accomplishments, far from lulling us into satisfaction, are to me and my dedicated colleagues on the Board of Directors an invitation to raise the bar higher. In 2024 we aim to further involve the participation of recent graduates by staging activities that are better suited to the interests and possibilities of our younger Alumni. We also aspire to engage you with new conferencing content aligned with our Continuing Education objectives.


We shall of course continue to put a strong focus on expanding our Fellowship Fund to provide ever-growing support to students admitted to Harvard, and open up opportunities to future generations of Argentine scholars. We count on you to continue giving back ,as well as to support us in our fundraising initiatives by connecting us to potential donors.


In sum, we will challenge ourselves in serving our Alumni community along the lines defined in our charter —Networking, Financial Aid and Lifelong Learning— as we continue to strengthen our ties with our alma mater.


Looking forward to another year to remember!




Juan A. van Peborgh

HKS MPA 1990